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Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Junglelore Camp Resort & Retreat provides the best Yoga in Rishikesh to its guest. It offers an opportunity to learn yoga at both beginners & advanced levels. Junglelore Camp Resort & retreat provides a peaceful retreat away from the city in a fresh serene environment. It is one of the Best Yoga Training Schools in Rishikesh. We offer different kinds of yoga retreats which include Yoga Therapy, Kundalini Yoga & Ayurvedic Spa & Massage. 
We provide morning & evening open garden yoga classes & riverside meditation classes and in addition to that, we organize sattvic food for our guests. We provide proper diet charts to our interested yogis. 

Those who are suffering from various diseases or problems like back pain, depression, anxiety, or some other problem can come to the resort for certain healing practices. Those who organize yoga retreat can also bring their groups and take yoga classes. Our Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is internationally certified by YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL & YOGA ALLIANCE USA.  


Yoga Teacher Training Programs for Beginners 
Duration: 200 Hour 

Detailed Teaching of Classical Hatha Yoga | Detailed Teaching of Vinyasa Flow | Pranayam | Yoga Nindra | Basics of Yoga Therapy | Ayurveda Massage | Introduction of Mudra Gestures | Kirtan | Understanding the roots of Yoga Philosophy | Teaching of meditation Techniques | Primary stage of Kundalini yoga and its preparations

Yoga Class in Rishikesh
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